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Topics: Abortion, Abortion clinic, Centennial Olympic Park bombing Pages: 5 (1985 words) Published: May 9, 2014

Case Analysis of Women’s Health Agency (WHA)

Rohan Kumar Jha(34093)
Sahithi Katikaneni(34094)
Sanjay Makwana(34095)
Santosh Kumar(34096)
Sudhir Kumar(34103)

A) Situation analysis:-
Women health agency is an endeavour to provide FP services to rural poor women in developing countries where Islam is main religion, so women are only limited to house hold hence to utilize women resource they started to provide FP services which include simple contraception methods. Within six months poor women consider it as welcoming and safe. Clinic staff includes women only so clinic is more approachable. Now women who came initially for a FP Service now demanding other services also like child and maternal health services counselling of family problem etc. Donors who funded WHA are interested in women having access to more health services. As being Islamic developing countries and social status of women, women could not come for FP services in a straight way but in multi health service centre women are more comfortable for initial services .On the other hand initial rationale of WHA to provide FP services to poor women is compromised by devoting staff to this health services apart from FP.

Now WHA has successfully completed five years. WHA has executive governing board which includes a founder director, three medical doctors, two lawyer, and two businesswomen. Board is committed to improve the lives of women and to expand they have dilemma .WHA has source for by international donors. Now WHA could afford to expand the services by launching either three new multiservice centre or new ten FP clinics. If they go for FP clinics, so they can cater FP services to larger section of poor women compared to multiservice centre and NGDOs in this country working on many development projects is closely affiliated to WHA but as NDGOs are being funded through foreign funds the national government is suspicious about activities of NGDOs .NGO bureau a government agency is regulator for foreign funds. Sometime may harassed organization which are funded from foreign. Now social and religious conservative have also started to ask questions for changing in the role of women traditionally .national medical association which is dominated by male doctors have also some apprehensions about activities of WHA. there is dilemma for WHA for that how to expand their services, whether to go for 10 FP service centre or 3 multiservice centres.

WHA centres are perceived as safe and welcoming places where poor women can avail the powerful tool of birth control which if not present, takes away a substantial portion of their health, time etc. Reducing the practice of women shying away from the centres as they are perceived as abortion clinics and thereby providing health, FP services to as many poor women as possible is the Objective. Ensuring that activities like radicalism, suspicion of the government, NMA etc have minimum or no impact on the long term sustenance of the centres follows as a supporting link to the objective.

Decision problem
The problem lies in choosing among a number of ways in which WHA can expand its operations to benefit a large number of poor women. I could abide by the initial rationale of providing exclusive FP services to a large number of poor women by expanding its FP services only. Or I could provide multi health services to women by establishing multi services centres. If I go for expansion only in FP centres, I will have to deal with the social stigma attached with FP centres .Women who access these centres might reduce due to its perceived image as an abortion center. If on the other hand, I expand the multi centres ,then the number of women who could have access to the FP services will reduce, but it is social and politically more viable. The problem is therefore to choose a way of expansion such that the core objectives of WHA are fulfilled.

C) Criteria:-
1) To provide...
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