Biomechanics Is Cricket

Topics: Classical mechanics, Force, Mass Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: August 27, 2013
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Biomechanics in cricket
There are lots of different aspects that make up biomechanics they are force, motion, balance/stability and fluid mechanics. All of these aspects of biomechanics affect you when you’re playing cricket. Force can be defined as a pushing or pulling action that causes a change of state of a body. In biomechanics any force exerted by one part of the body on another is known as an internal force, whereas all other forces are external. Getting balance is very important as the increase of one factor may be detriment of the other e.g. increase in mass decrease in speed. Isaac Newton created three biomechanical theories that are used to describe the relationship between force and motion. * The first rule: Every body continues in its state of rest or motion in a straight line unless compelled to change that state by external forces exerted upon it. For example when a ball is bowled in cricket and the batsmen hits it creating the ball to move in a different direction. * The second rule: The rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to the force causing it and the change takes place in the direction in which the force acts. * The third rule: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The body absorbs force when catching a ball by

* Having the knees bent and shoulder width apart
* Evenly distributing weight
* Having hands together fingers pointing down
* Keeping the head steady with eyes level
* Bringing the hands into the body after the ball is caught to cushion the catch to make sure it doesn’t come back out.

Motion is the act or process of being moved. There are many aspects of motion they are linear and projectile motion, speed and velocity, acceleration and inertia and momentum. Linear motion is motion that takes place in a straight line. Projectile motion is the path of any object moving through the air under its own influences it doesn’t have any propulsion. Speed and...
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