On the Sidewalk Bleeding

Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Death, Crime Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Here Lies Just another Royal
Have you ever wanted something and then once in your possession, it’s not exactly what you pictured it’d be? Andy, the main character in Evan Hunter’s On the Side Walk Bleeding, experienced this in the worst possible way; he was unsophisticated like a child’s interpretation of the world, or naïve if you will, about death, consciences, and self-identity. Sort of like a “curiosity killed the cat” type of way, except replace curiosity with acceptance, and cat with Andy. He desperately clung to the thought of becoming a Royal, they were “one of the best”, and Andy craved to be a part of it so desperately, he died trying to fit the title and realized; this wasn’t what he had wanted. Andy knew right away what he was getting himself into joining the Royals. With all the fighting, and intense rivalry with another gang called the Guardians. None of this mattered to him; he sought after becoming a Royal, at first he took great pride in being a Royal, and the purple jacket they gave him when he became a member of the gang. He was a “Royal”; there had been meaning to that title, until his sweet acceptance turned into bitter confusion. For example, “He tried to yell for help, but he had no voice. He did not know why his voice had deserted him, or why there was an open hole in his body from which his life ran readily, steadily, or why the rain had become so suddenly fierce” (P1,L16-19). He had been brutally stabbed about ten minutes ago by a Guardian who shouted, “That’s for you Royal!” before fleeing the scene. Poor naïve Andy; he doesn’t understand how he got into this situation, he has no voice and he’s bleeding out and he doesn’t know why. Little does he know the fact he has no voice is the least of his problems; Andy is dying. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, was Newton’s third law of motion. This can also apply to things in wider broad and not just laws of motion; this rule also works for actions and consciences....
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