Biomechanical Analysis of Shot Put and Discus

Topics: Shoulder, Rotator cuff, Muscle Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: January 18, 2010
Biomechanical Analysis: Shot Put
A biomechanical standpoint, the shot put and has many different aspects that can be look at upon the affects of many different factors. Although there are many different factors that are important to success and performance related to the shot put and discuss. Thus, I am going to look at the speed, the angle, and the height of release. These factors are particularly important to performance of the shot put and discus but there are many other important factors that also contribute, including range of motion, timing, position, internal force, and external force. The next area that we are going to look at is speed. Results from studies done by M. Hubbard et al. showed that Achievable release speed decreases with increasing release angle at about 1.7 (m/s)/rad and decreases with increasing release height at about 0.8 (m/s)/m, with only small differences in sensitivities between throwers. Speed plays a role in the optimum projection angle. Athletes throw at different speeds and are unable to have the same speed at all optimumprojection angles. As the athlete throws at a higher angle the speed decreases. Yeadon (1998) developed a simple computer simulation model of shot-putting that assumed a linear decrease in release speed with increasing release angle. Therefore, the shot put, release speed is considered more important than release height because changes in release speed have a greater effect on the flight distance than equal relative changes in release height (Hay, 1993). Lastly, the third element of projected distance is release height. This factor is the least important and since nothing can really be done to change height it is very convenient. Thus it is determined by an athletes anthropometric parameters and to a fewer degree by the release angle. As one continues to look at different aspects related to biomechanics there are very many in relation to the shot put. In the paragraphs above, we looked at the angle of...

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