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Topics: Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Blindness, Research Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Article Evaluation (30 points)
APA citation
PhD, S. B., PhD, R. D., PhD, S. F., & PhD, D. N. (2011). Phases of Movement of Goalball Throw Related to Ball Velocity. Insight: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, 4(4), 153-159.

What is your research article about? [step 2]
The article was about trying to figure out the different phases of movement for the regular and spin throws in the sport of goalball and to find any relationship in ball velocity and time in each phase of movement. This study is quantitative in nature because it was based on numbers and results were determined by numeric data analysis. How does this study fit into what is already known (i.e. is this a new concept being introduced or is an already tested concept being validated)? [step 3] This is a new concept being studied. There is currently no research that studies throwing performance of goalball athletes. The authors in this article say that this investigation is just the first step, and that future researchers should use clinical 3-D kinematic analysis to gain even more knowledge on this subject. The information obtained from this study will benefitathletes who play goalball and more importantly the coaches that coach goalball. How was the study done? [steps 4-8]

This study was done on a total of 29 athletes (17 men, 12 women) who competed in a United States Association of Blind Athletes regional goalball tournament at Western Michigan University. Each athlete got to throw the ball three times with each type of throw. The throw with the fastest ball velocity was chosen to study. Ball velocity was determined by watching a video of the throw, and by dividing the distance of the neutral area by the time. The phases of movement were found by 2-D video. A Pearson correlation was used to determine if there was a relationship between the time spent in each phase of movement and ball velocity. What was found? [Steps 9 &10]

A total of three phases of movement...
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