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A great way to control your shooting accuracy in lacrosse is with hand positioning. Different hand positioning creates different angles, arcs, power and directions the ball can go. What I am trying to figure out is, how much does your accuracy change when your hands are in different positions on the lacrosse stick while you are shooting into a lacrosse net and which is the most accurate position? To create different angles, arcs, different powers and directions you will need to move your hands throughout the stick to find the right position. These past few weeks I have been positioning my hands differently throughout my lacrosse shaft and shooting in to a net to determine which hand positioning has the best accuracy. During the first trial I experienced the least amount of accuracy throughout my whole experiment. I had made about 42% of my shots this day (or 5 of the 12 shots.) I believe I had the lowest accuracy on this day because it was the first day trying out some of these hand positions and I was not use to shooting in some of these awkward positions. On the second trial of my experiment I had made 50% of my shots on the net (or 6 of the 12 shots.) This day I did improve. I had realized that you have better accuracy if you have your top hand more towards the top of the shaft and my bottom hand at the bottom of the shaft. This may be just a coincidence, but according to my hypothesis I had stated that I felt like when your top hand is near the top, and when your bottom hand is at the bottom you have the most accuracy with your shot. I have just concluded with my last trial of shooting. My theory on the having the top hand higher and having the bottom hand at the bottom was correct. Today I made approximately 58% of the shots (or 7 of the 12 shots.) I do believe that hand positioning does matter when shooting a lacrosse ball from a lacrosse stick. I have concluded throughout trial and error that positioning my left hand (top hand)...
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