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Biology Osmosis

By souljha Oct 23, 2005 463 Words
Investigation into finding out the
Effect of the effect of osmosis
In potato cells

I am doing an experiment to find out the effect that osmosis has on Water solution and a Sugar solution. Osmosis is a process which water moves from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration. I am going to record my results to see if osmosis occurs in water solution of sugar solution.

In this experiment I would need; -
1) 3 test tube
2) A beaker
3) A cork borer
4) A Knife

In this experiment safety will not be a major hazard as it's not a very dangerous experiment apart from the knife which I'm using to cut the potato pieces which I need to be careful with and make sure my fellow students don't get harmed by my miss use.

I predict that water will occur in the water solution as I stated earlier "water moves from an area of high concentration to a area of low concentration" which in this case the water will move into the potato making it turgid where as the potato piece in the sugar solution will become flaccid due to the potato containing a high concentration of water.

Fair testing
I must ensure that my test is going to be fair because if it's not fair the test will be biased and my result would be incorrect. I will try to keep it fair however there are variables I can ‘not control like what happens when I leave the potato pieces alone over night for 96 hours. Also the temperature of the water when I pour it into to the test tube can affect my results.


1.Using a cork borer, carefully make a hole in a potato and measure the length of the piece approximately 3 cm's 2.Ensure that all the 3 pieces are of equal length
3.Obtain a beaker and fill the beaker half way with the sugar solution. 4.Fill the test tubes to 125ml
5.Place all the potato's into each test tube and fill with sugar solution for two and for the other two fill with water till the potato's are totally under the liquid. 6.Get a test tube rack from the teacher and place the test tubes in the test tube rack 7.Measure the length and the weight of the potatoes and note down any visible changes. 8.Note down any anomalous results and state why these occurred if possible 9.make a table of results

10. Write a conclusion and state what has occurred and any anomalies. 11. Write an evaluation and state anything which you could have changed to improve the experiment.

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