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I like riding a bicycle very much. Sometimes I feel scared when a big truck pass by me very fast. But I keep an eye on the movement of cars and enjoy cycling. Riding a bike is one of my hobbies. If I had given up learning how to ride it because of fear, could I still enjoy cycling now?

I can still remember it as if it happened yesterday. I must have been ten or eleven years old when I rode my first bicycle, and the day I learned to ride it is very vivid in my mind. Learning how to ride a bicycle is exciting besides being painful. I would like to look at the bicycle ridden by brother until dad bought a new bicycle for me. A number of thought crossed my mind as soon as I saw my new one which dad bought for me. I was at a loss for the bicycle. It was so exciting to look at my bicycle. Conversely, I start thinking about problem such as falling off the bike and bleeding, and got scared before anything even happened. Dad knew that I was hesitating to learn how to ride a bicycle and suggest going to the park for the purpose of learning how to ride it. I went with dad to the park. Not only was it sunny day but also warm day. In other words, it was the perfect summer day. Many people enjoyed cycling around the park. After I saw these people, began to feel more at ease.

on his way back home. I’ve never ridden a bicycle in my life before. I would look

enviously at the bicycle ridden by brother. I was at a loss for the bicycle.

“ What if I fall off the bike and bleed? “ I got scared before anything even happened

and hesitated. Just at a time, dad pushed me to start riding the bicycle. I had to

choose whether to start or give up. I started to push the pedal and took one step

at a time. Before long, I repeated the same mistakes to fall off my bike.

But I couldn’t feel a pain because of joy of moving forward well. The memory is

still vivid in my mind...
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