Big Changes for a Small Hospital

Topics: Leadership, Interpersonal relationship, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Big Changes for a Small Hospital
Ashford University
BUS 660
Dr. Dwight Reimer
April 28, 2013

Big Changes for a Small Hospital
The factors that Nicholas Jacobs and Windber Medical Center applied from the Situational Theory is that Jacobs considered his role as president at Windber Medical Center was the last hope in keeping the doors open (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2012). As the Situational Leadership Model suggests the leader must make decisions to use developmental intervention such as telling, selling, participating and delegating (Hughes, 2012). Jacobs did just this by realizing the problems such as the outdated furniture, leaking windows and pink walls. Jacobs took the problem at hand and came up with solutions such as community involvement and building community relationships. Jacobs used slogans such as “work out at our hospital so you can stay out of our hospital” (Hughes, 2012), which encouraged a healthy lifestyle for the community as well as the employees. Jacobs interviewed employees to find out firsthand what they wanted for the Windber community and the medical center (Hughes, 2012). This helped include the employees in the decisions of improvements, as well as gain information from those that knew the most about the patients, community and problems within the facility. This is what helped Jacobs learn that octogenarians made up a larger percentage of the population in Windber, Pennsylvania, than in all of the Dade County, Florida, and he made it a priority to provide more options to seniors for improving their health and quality of life (Hughes, (2012). Pg 550-551). Jacobs realized the problems that existed within the facility and as the leader he included employees, he involved the community, he asked for others to participate, delegated responsibilities and sold his ideas to the public by putting their needs first and learning about what they needed. Jacobs’s followers responded well, they received...

References: Hughes, R, Ginnett, R. & Curphy, G., (2012). Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience. McGraw-Hill: Irwin.
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