Big Bang Theory or the Creation Story?

Topics: General relativity, Universe, Galaxy Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 7, 2013
According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe was born from Nothing. This vast, dynamic, timeless, and immeasurable universe, created from Nothing in less than a billionth of a second. Now I believe that this universe is energy. Everything around us, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets– they are all energy. Celestial or man made, kinetic or potential – everything is energy. Energy is infinite, as stated in the Law of Conservation of Energy: “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, however it may be converted or transformed from one form to another.” Therefore I believe that this universe came from Something. From a great energy. From a substantial, supernatural, especially coherent being. This wide, this big of a universe cannot come from Nothing. That’s ridiculous. And creation cannot come without a cause.

They base this theory on coincidence. I think it’s absurd for someone to believe that this is all plain coincidence. Was it just a coincidence that this timeless “bang” arranged our galaxy in such a rational way that there is an orbit system? Is it a coincidence that all elements present on this planet can perfectly and unconditionally support human existence? Was it coincidence that crafted the intricacy of life? Was it just innocent spontaneity that perfectly fashioned the coursing of blood through our veins, the air we breathe to sustain us, the complexity and idea of the mind and the heart? We’d be foolish to think so. See, the issue here is yet again the acceptance of a God - an eternal, all powerful, and unfathomable entity.
In my honest opinion, we need not to know about the means of our creation. What is important is our creator. We did not come from a big explosion, nor from mud. Our origin is God. Creation cannot come without a cause. And God is our cause.

To find your purpose you must seek your creator.
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