Better Being a Group Member

Topics: Family, Member of Parliament, Want Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: March 11, 2014

Everyone has heard of the ability to work independently and teamwork. We often have to work in a variety of environments, and the family environment is also a need to unite as closely as from every member of a family. In my opinion, teamwork will be more effective.

Family where everyone loves each other, they can share joy, sadness. Even though the life can change each family member, but family where they most want to remember the most is a family. Family is a team, and each member of the family must help build their family. Members have always cared for each other. If the family has parents always love, take care and give good education for their children, the children grow up to become useful citizens of the society. Having dinner together also contribute to building solidarity among members. Families would never leaving the family members, people will come together to fix their own house, traveling together, ready to help if the members have difficulty. As in "chicken with Plums" mother ready to take all home furnishings to sell only to help her son escape from prison, because her son is the most precious in the world, there is no replaceable her son. Today, as society developed, each family member will have little chance to meet each other, they have to go to work and children to school, they met only a few short hours each day, so weekend is an opportunity for all members of the family gathered together, members will come together to cook a family meal, eating together, have fun, to build solidarity. “This is not the place where people ruthlessly compete with each other but where they work for each other.” here is a very interesting statement from the family "Thanks giving", as a group we always live for a group, all members must care for each other, a family survive because of everyone in the family loves each other, ready to help each other, as if it no longer, the family members do not need help from other people, they want to do everything alone...
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