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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Socialism, Trade union / Pages: 14 (2592 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2015
Chapter 29
The Making of Industrial Society


1. The industrial revolution began in
a. the United States.
b. Great Britain.
c. France.
d. Italy.
e. Russia.
Answer: b
Page: 652

2. Crucial to industrialization was
a. the leadership role taken by the Luddites.
b. the willing support of the major industrial unions.
c. the peasants’ planned and willing relocation to the cities.
d. the leading role that Russia provided in technology.
e. the replacement of human and animal power with inanimate sources of energy such as steam.
Answer: e
Page: 652

3. The growing demand for cotton cloth in the eighteenth century threatened British
a. wool producers.
b. monopoly over the Chinese silk trade.
c. naval strength because of the dramatically rising cost of sails.
d. educational dominance.
e. trade with the Americas.
Answer: a
Page: 653

4. The British Calico Acts of 1720 and 1721
a. restricted British importation of cotton cloth to the Americas.
b. showed favoritism to cotton producers over wool producers.
c. prohibited the importation of cotton cloth.
d. required that a corpse be buried in a cotton shroud.
e. encouraged the importation of printed cotton cloth in an effort to boost British trade.
Answer: c
Page: 653

5. The inventor of the flying shuttle was
a. John Kay.
b. Samuel Crompton.
c. Josiah Wedgwood.
d. James Watt.
e. Edmund Cartwright.
Answer: a
Page: 653

6. The invention of the flying shuttle
a. powered the first steam-driven locomotive.
b. made the steam engine possible.
c. led to the passage of the Calico Acts.
d. gave the British an unquestioned military advantage.
e. sped the weaving process.
Answer: e
Page: 653

7. Which of the following is NOT a correct pairing of inventor and invention?
a. James Watt and steam engine
b. Josiah Wedgwood and “mule”
c. John Kay and flying shuttle
d. John Bessemer and converter
e. Edmund Cartwright and power loom
Answer: b
Page: 653-654, 656

8. Edmund Cartwright was responsible for the invention of

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