Benny Carter

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Benny Carter (1907-2003)

“I don't know that I've made any real contribution, I've done what I've set out to do, that was have fun with the music, enjoy it, perform it, listen to it, and I have, to my satisfaction, achieved much that I had not even thought of.” Benny Carter

July 12, 2003

Many jazz musicians are known for their famous sounds or well known songs but many are also known for their ability to juggle many tasks in their life time as a musician. Benny Carter was one of them. From his starting musical li8fe at the age of five, to traveling the world, writing many pieces, and juggling instruments from all sections of the ensembles(alto-sax, trumpet, piano, clarinet and trombone). To even making his own trademark in the music industry before his death. Carter was only one of the many famous jazz instrumentalists, but he tended to always look in to becoming greater.

Benny Carter was born on August 8, 1907 in New York City. Yet spent most of his life growing up in Manhattan. As a child, his first musical instrument was the piano which he learned from his mother. But his true inspiration came from listening to his cousin, Theodore Bennett, on trumpet. At the age of 13 he bought his own trumpet, but was soon saddened by the fact that it was to difficult to play. So, he traded the trumpet a week later for a alto sax, which after a good deal of practice and privet lesions from several teachers, developed into his strongest instrument he would ever play. By the time he was 15, Carter was already sitting with the Harlem Bands. When he wasn’t with the bands he made a living by working as a side man in a number of New York Jazz Bands. At 19, he was discovered and received his first full time job with the Charlie Johnson Band. Though he entered a...
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