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Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller was born on a farm in Iowa on March 1, 1901. He is remembered today not only for the beloved music he produced and for his influence on the evolution and success of swing music, but also for his patriotic devotion in time of war. He is remembered for songs such as "In the Mood," "A String of Pearls," "Little Brown Jug" and "Moonlight Serenade.” He is also famous for his Army Air Force Band that played over 800 performances. Glenn died at the age of 40 in an airplane accident, but in that short period of time he became a jazz legend. (The official site of Glenn Miller page 1 and 2) (Glenn Miller Wikipedia page 1 to 14)

How did Glenn Miller become famous and was it a difficult journey there? Like many other stars from the past and present Glenn Miller had a long and hard journey to fame. He worked hard to master a variety of instruments which brought him success but not immediately. His musical career first started when he played the trombone in a town band as a young child in Elementary school. (The official site of Glenn Miller page 1 ) He then became the leader of his high school band. After Miller graduated high school he went on to The University of Colorado but soon dropped out after failing three out of five classes. During these years Glenn’s journey to fame was difficult; he tried out for many gigs and was turned away countless times. Finding a good opportunity, he then moved to Los Angeles and became a member of Ben Pollack's Band. He soon quit Ben’s Band and went to New York City, working as a trombonist and musical arranger. While working as a musical arranger he married his true love, Helen Burger who he had known since college. After marriage he became a member of Red Nichols's orchestra, and because of Nichols, Miller played in the pit bands of two Broadway shows, “Strike Up the Band” and “Girl Crazy.” His band mates included the legendary Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman. After this exciting time playing in the pit for these Broadway shows, Glenn went through a tough time where he just managed to make a living working as a freelance trombonist in several bands. “Glenn Miller made his first movie appearance in the 1935 Paramount Pictures release The Big Broadcast of 1936 as a member of the Ray Noble Orchestra performing ‘Why Stars Come Out at Night’” During this time Glenn still had not made a name for himself. To become more well-known and to make a better living, he decided to form his own band which he would be the leader of. Unfortunately his band soon broke up. At this point he was very discouraged but he knew that he had to persevere, so he made the decision to come up with his own unique kind of music that would be very different from the music played during this time. Glenn decided in order to make a living in the music industry, he had to move back to New York City. In September 1938, Miller and his new band began making recordings for the RCA Victor, Bluebird Records subsidiary which provided a lot of much needed money for Glenn. However, the band’s fortune didn’t stop there. They earned a great deal of money playing at the Meadowbrook Ballroom in New Jersey, and even more at the Glen Island Casino in New York. When Glenn Miller’s Band played at the Glen Island Casino it was said that a record breaking 1,800 people attended. Glenn’s hard work finally paid off and he sold record breaking numbers of albums. Overall his journey to fame was long and hard, but he was able to do it because of his self- confidence and his perseverance. (Glenn miller Wikipedia page 1 to 14) (Biography for Glenn miller pg. 1) ( George sphinx 4)

What made Glenn Miller’s music so unique and different from other legends in the music industry during that time?
One of the main reasons Glenn became famous is because the sound of his music was so...
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