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Topics: Music, Opera, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 4 (997 words) Published: November 7, 2014
Mr. Milan Biswakarma
Miss Elizabeth Jones
Music Appreciation
November 3, 2014
Chopin, the Women behind the Music
On the two hundredth anniversary of Chopin birthday, a young pianist James Rhodes, prepared the documentary to find out the real inspiration behind the Chopin’s heart breaking music, especially the women’s voice. Chopin was the greatest musician of that time. It was not only his composition that made his composition so powerful and perfect but it is also the voice of the women that can be still heard in the Chopin’s musical composition. So Rhodes went onto a journey to discover the women behind whose voice had such inspiration and effect on the Chopin composition. In his journey, opera singer, Natalya Romania helped a young rising. Both of them played some of the signature compositions of the Chopin within this documentary. Chopin was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist in the romantic era. The shy and private, Chopin composed more than 250 piano compositions, that would not only have the notes and harmony in it but the clear emotions also. He started his musical journey at small age of seven and continued his musical carrier till his death. He was lying ill in his bed during the last time of his life, however he would cripple down to play the piano for his visitors. Even though he was severely ill and could not even come out of the bed, he composed “I have to lie in the bed all day long, any mouth and tonsils are aching so much, ”that shows his passion and love towards the music. His compositions include solo piano, piano concerts, chamber pieces, and some polices songs, but did not compose the opera. He became popular not only for his composition but also for his memorizing and unique style. He loved salon music performing in small gathering rather than the pressure and publicity of larger concerts. He did not work in larger concerts much he worked in small groups so that his work could be better appreciated. Yet, working in the small...
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