Being on Time

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Being on time

Being on time is very important. It is a sign of respect to the person you are meeting. If you are always late, you're creating a bad reputation for yourself. People feel they can't trust you or rely on you, so it impacts relationships. It also impacts self-esteem. Being late is upsetting to others and stressful for the one who is late. People's stress level is very high when they're late. They're racing, worried, and anxious. They spend the first few minutes apologizing. And that’s not the best way to making a good impression.

So if you want to be on time you must first figure out why you are always late. The reason can usually be classified as either technical or psychological. For example if you're always late by a different amount of time 5 minutes sometimes, 15, or even 40 minutes other times it is likely that the cause is technical. It's a case of bad planning, of thinking you need less time than you actually do. Another technical difficulty for some people is the inability to say "no" to additional commitments when they're short on time. But if you are literally always 10 minutes late, it's psychological. You're arriving exactly when you want. The question is why? For some people, it's a resistance thing. They don't want to do what other people expect them to. Another category is the “crisis-maker”. These are people who cannot get themselves together until they get an adrenaline rush. They need to be under the gun to get them selves moving. There are also people who are late because they worry they won’t have nothing to do while waiting. This problem can be solved easily. Always carry a book or magazine. So you aren’t feeling bored and you don’t have the feeling of “excess” time when you are waiting. And that’s not the only thing that can help you to deal with lateness. You can also…

• Clean out your purse or briefcase each evening so it’s ready to go the next morning.

• Know how much money is in your wallet so you...
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