How to Interact with People of Different Cultures

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How to interact with people of different cultures.

There are a lot of ways to start a business with new people; the most common is in meal such as lunch or dinner. So, you will need to know what are the customs of the people you are dealing with, and how your behavior is going to be. I can give you 3 recommendations of what to do in business meeting: first, you must arrive on time; second, try to learn more about their culture and third, take something with you as a present. It is very important to be punctual in a meeting because many cultures may find rude if you are late. I can recommend being at least five minutes earlier to the meeting, it will the perfect time to arrive and you will not disturb any one. Being punctual will talk good about you, it will cause great impression on the people around you. If you are late for something important you will miss valuable information and per haves you may miss a lifetime opportunity. It is also very important to be informed about the culture of the people you will be talking to. For example, if Asian people are going to be in the meeting, you should know what are the things that disturb them. Think about the food at the meeting, as we know in Asia people eat different kinds of meals that we are used to. So, no matter how try to always eat the food that they are offering you. It will be rude if you do not eat a typical dish of any culture. A good way to cause a good impression on people it’s to take a present with you for any occasion. If you are invited to dinner in someone’s place, you must arrive with something for the meal. I can give you 3 good ideas of what to give to them. You can arrive with some desert that you like; it will be considered a polite way to join the meeting. Another thing you can take it’s a dish that you know is good; it could be anything that you know how to cook or you can buy it too. One of the most common presents that you can take to a dinner is a bottle of wine; it will...
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