Produce a Report That Explains Why Employers Value Particular Employee Attributes. Include a Table in Your Report That Summarises Your Findings.

Topics: Problem solving, Employment, Abstraction Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: March 22, 2011
AttributesExplanation of why this is valued
SkillsBeing able to read and understand pieces of information like this is vital when working within an organisation as if this skill is lacking the person is unlikely to get employed. Reliability People who are reliable are able to get things done without a fuss also, they are trusted enough to attend work daily and less likely to be off sick on a regular basis. Also perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances. Honesty Honesty is essential for most jobs. It is also very important when handling money, however, in some jobs, you might be more successful if you blur the truth sometimes, put a spin on something’s you want people to hear rather than tell them the complete truth, a job with this as an example would be an estate agent. Hardworking & DeterminationPersonal attitudes are difficult to learn, instead if you consider yourself to be lacking in some respect, you can try hard to overcome your natural inclinations. For many there is a spectrum ranging from ‘very much so’ to ‘hardly at all’. Employers might prefer to have someone who is keen to see a job through, with the determination to overcome difficulties on the way. Team WorkingHaving good team work is key and most companies will look for this in an employee. Being able to work with fellow staff to achieve the best targets the business sets. Time Management

Managing time can be difficult at the best of times, but if someone was able to manage time responsibly, i.e. arriving on time, this attribute would be highly valued in them as they would then be classed as a hard worker, arriving on time for work. Many people use diaries or PDA’s (Blackberry’s) in order to keep track of time having one of these greatly helps. Problem SolvingPresented with given situation, some people see only the problems they face are weighted down by them, Others may be quick perhaps too quick, to see a solution. They may no appreciate the full extent of the...
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