Behavior of Sea Slugs

Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Ashlyn Lewis

Scientific Method Lab Essay

In an observation dealing with Bursatella leachi, a sea slug, scientists recorded data over a 10-day period. They had noticed that the same pattern was occurring with the movement of the slugs. The slugs at one point would be relatively close to each other and as time went on they would move further away and then move closer again. There can be a few explanations for these occurrences. First we notice that when the sun is higher in the sky the slugs move further away, and when it is lower, or not in the sky the slugs get closer together. This could be a result of the slugs trying to regulate their body heat. As the sun gets higher, the warmer the water gets and the warmer the slugs get and want to move further away from each other so they don't over heat, and then as the sun sets they move closer so they can use each others body heat to warm up. Another explanation of why the slugs move could be that they cluster together at night could be for protection. During the day they can move around because the sun is up and it’s easier to see their predators, but at night their vision is impaired and they group together because it’s harder for predators to pick on one snail to attack. The sea slugs also could be spreading out during the day do to the fact that they eat during the day. Unlike plants that are heterotrophic, the slugs are autotrophic and get their nutrients from other organisms. During the day it is easier to see their prey, so they spread out to find it unlike at night when it’s hard to find their food.
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