Behavior for Guys on a First Date: Simple Rules

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Professor Luse
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Behavior for Guys on a First Date
First dates are stressful for anyone and everyone and it’s also hard to know what women want sometimes. If you follow a few simple rules and be yourself, however, you should get through the date feeling good about it. You will also gain the respect from the woman you are with (regardless if you want a second date with her). Make sure you have the basics covered such as being on time, being positive, being polite and respectful (open the door for her), dressing appropriately, and being prepared for the date (have a car, have money, have a phone, have manners). Now to be more specific … Put some thought into your first date. If you ask a woman out, have some sort of activity or restaurant in mind but make it a little fancy and interesting, don’t just take her to a fast food restaurant though. You don’t have to stick to a specific plan. But have in mind what you are going to do with her. A man who asks a woman out then leaves it up to the woman to orchestrate the date is not even a bit impressive. Watch your language! Swearing and bad grammar will not impress your date, either. Using foul language around a woman may be construed as meaning you don’t have much respect for her. Act natural but not too natural. Talk to your date as you would to a friend. You can try and make her laugh by telling her jokes or funny stories but avoid inappropriate stories about your past, anything sexual and especially don’t talk about your ex. Also, you need to listen to her even if her enthusiasm for something doesn’t interest you, just smile and give her your undivided attention which means to turn off your cell phone or put it on silent so you’re not distracted. If you go to dinner, a woman does not like it at all if her date does not offer to pay first, or agrees to “split the bill” or readily accepts money toward the dinner check. Men, pay the restaurant bill, period. If you get to know this woman well,...
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