Becoming Dad

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Becoming Dad

I was merely a child at the age of nineteen when my daughter was conceived. Such vivid memories make it seem as if it were only yesterday when I witnessed her being brought into this world. The shock of the emergency wake-up at six o'clock in the morning, the rush to the hospital, the long anticipating wait, and the birth itself have greatly impacted my life, changing who I am today. It was a normal morning on January fourteenth, so I thought. I was awakened by a worrying cry let out by my wife. Crying out my name, I was sure something was terribly wrong, but come to find out it was something incredibly magnificent. Her water broke on her way to the restroom right after getting out of bed. I was in complete shock. I could not gather my thoughts and focus on tasks at hand. I felt like a mouse with no holes or cracks in which to go hide, running around in the open looking for something that is not there. After finally calming down I had to tend to my wife and get her calmed down and taken care of. Finally collecting ourselves we gathered our already packed “delivery bags” and got in the car for our drive to the hospital. I barely remember the ride as I was still so nervous and my mind was going in one hundred different directions. What I do remember is numerous motorists honking at me because I was driving fifteen miles per hour. Amber said that it had seemed like an eternity before we finally arrived at the hospital. Unlike most of my hospital visits, we were greeted at the door with a wheelchair for the wife; it was only about thirty minutes until we had our own delivery room for the remainder of our stay. I felt at home here, with the warm colors of the walls, and the comforting layout of decorations and furniture. I was astonished how nice the delivery rooms were. Before long we were situated and ready for the baby to be born.

However, baby was not quite ready yet as fifteen extremely long hours passed before the contractions started getting...
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