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Jude Josue
Professor Dubson
English 111

Beauty is something that is universally acknowledged. In most societies around the world, beauty is what indicates the level of success and attention that a person could achieve. The latter is the reason that most people would sacrifice many things in a heartbeat in order to become what society believes is beautiful. Beauty, like everything, is a double-edged sword. It could either help someone live an easier life or it could make one’s life miserable.
One example could be a student in a classroom. If the student is more attractive than most of the students in the classroom, there’s a high chance that the teacher will give them less severe punishments than the other students. This student will probably have an easier life at school by not having to worry about receiving severe punishment when they do something wrong. Another example could be a woman who is applying for a job. If the job comes down to two people, the employer would most likely chose the one with the most physical attractiveness.
While it gives them an easier life, beauty could also be a curse to them. In the case of the attractive student, the teacher’s being lenient on them might cause them to start slacking in school and might have them thinking that they could do anything that they want without them having to worry about the teacher’s punishments. The latter is not going to help them go through life, because they have a high chance of carrying that same mindset through every thing that they’re going to experience in life. That might cause them to become lazy and not work to their full potential.
In the case of the woman that got the job because of the attractiveness advantage that she has, it might not be a good thing for the company that was going to hire her. If the employer just judged her based on her looks, they might’ve neglected something in the other potential employee that could’ve made their business grow. Another thing that

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