Beautiful Mind Reflection Paper

Topics: Schizophrenia, Antipsychotic, Tardive dyskinesia Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Abiodun Aboaba
November 19, 2010 NR 160: Mental Health Nursing Sara Bagley

Delusions are fixed false ideas that are not based in reality an example was when John saw his boss telling him to kill his wife and the wife had to quickly ran out of the house. Illusions are false perceptions of real stimulus, he actually was misrepresenting things he sees around that they are harmful to him so he is always ready to attack. Hallucinations are false sensory inputs with no external stimulus, it may take the form of smells, sounds, tastes, sight, touch, or feelings of altered internal workings of the body. Assessment

Pertinent questions to ask the patient having hallucinations are as follows: ask the patient if he sees things when other people are not present, ask how many different voices does the patient hear, what do the voices ask the patient to do, ask if the patient recognize any of the voices, what the voices ask him to do and how does he/ she feel about the voices. John Nash’s other schizophrenic behaviors in graduate school makes him to see things differently from others, he was not associating himself thus he couldn’t make any friends, an example was during a party were everyone were drinking and chatting he was only able to see the dazzling glasses with the rays of light on it, also at a bar he said something annoying to a lady that was looking for a date or probably someone to buy her a drink and the girl was angry, gave him a slap and walked away out of the bar. His schizophrenia affect his “self talk” because he was always talking to himself because he was see a friend he thought was real and interacting with. John basically could not take care of his body, he is lacking self care deficit-bathing and I think John is having a disorganized...

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