Basseri Iran

Topics: Marriage, Iran, Family Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Basseri of Iran
Kassandra Ogles
21 July 2011
Ant 101

The Bassri are traditional pastoral nomads who inhabit the Iranian province of Fars and migrate along the mountains near the town of Sharaz. ( Living in the mountains and plains or Iran, they use livestock as their primary means of living. They are nomads who travel with their livestock year round in order to get the most use out of their herd. The Basseri people live and work together closely which gives them strong family values. They have many share traditional values with many societies but at the same time have many differences.

Pastoral societies like the one that the Basseri live in, follow a pattern where people making there living by herding large groups of large animals. They raise animals such as sheep and goats and they use donkeys and camels for hard labor. They travel most of the year to meet the needs of the herd. They also exchange goods and services with neighboring tribes. The Basseri are tent dwelling so they can move easier and faster. The habitat of the Basseri is hot and dry. They dwell in southern Iran near the Persian golf. The Basseri people travel the deserts at varying elevations from six hundred to nine hundred meters and up in the mountains as far up a four thousand meters. (American Ethnologist, 2(3), 419-426.) Because of their diverse landscape, they travel at various times of the year to keep their livestock alive, searching out water and food, and allowing the livestock the maximum nutrition that they need to survive and be an asset to the tribe.

The primary language of the Basseri is Farsi. ( insert cite) A small percentage of the population also speaks Arabic and Turkish. Being that they travel year round, they see a lot of different cultures and meet different people to trade with. The Basseri being able to speak these different languages helps them in talks with...

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