Basic PMR Permissive

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Basic PMR (permissive)

Find a comfortable position. Lie on your back or sit in a chair with your back supported. Place your hands at your sides, palms up.
Close your eyes if you wish.

Now begin to become aware of your breathing..... Focus on slowing down the rhythm of your breathing..... Your chest and stomach will expand outward with each breath, like a balloon gently filling with warm air.... Imagine your ribcage moving out gently to the sides when you inhale.... and gently inward as you exhale.... Slowly take a deep cool breath in.... Pause for a moment.... and then exhale slowly. Let the tension melt away as you relax more deeply with each breath... Continue breathing slowly and gently....

Now turn your attention to the top of your head. Feel the white light touching at the top of your scalp, and spreading slowly downwards.... Even your ears are becoming relaxed and heavy.... Feel your eyebrows resting, gently resting downward.... Your forehead is becoming relaxed and smooth.... Allow your temples to relax... let your jaw relax by allowing your mouth to be slightly open with your lips apart, or gently touching.... Feel your throat relaxing.... relax your cheeks, nose, and eyes.... Feel your eyelids becoming very heavy.... and very relaxed.... more and more relaxed....

enjoy the feeling of relaxation you are experiencing.
Now turn your attention to your neck.... allow a feeling of relaxation to begin at the top of your neck, and flow downward... Feel the relaxation as your shoulders become relaxed and loose.... Let your shoulders gently sink downward.... as they become relaxed.... and heavy.... very heavy.... and very relaxed.... deeper and deeper.... relaxed....

Feel your collar bones becoming relaxed as your shoulders move gently back, and your chest widens slightly.... Allow all the muscles in your shoulders to feel smooth... and relaxed.... as the muscles give up their hold completely... enjoy the feeling of relaxation you are...
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