Pe Netball Warm Up

Topics: Foot, Stretching, Exercise Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: May 12, 2013
4 Stage Netball Warm-up
Pulse raiser:
Shuttle runs: I think you should start with shuttle runs as wit will initially get your heart pumping and prepared for the cardio vascular elements of the sports.
High Hurdles: I think if you incorporated high hurdles into you first pulse raiser it would get your legs ready and working and not only improve cardio vascular but power at the same time.

High Knees/Heel flicks: If these were in the first pulse raiser it would get your body ready, heart rate up and your muscles starting to stretch out and be prepared for the physical session.

Shuttle Runs: To finish the first pulse raiser, I would end with shuttle runs as it will get the heart rate right up and is a sturdy, trustworthy exercise to finish on.

Static Stretching:
To begin with you will place one foot in front changing feet after 10 seconds, bending your back leg with all the weight on it and stretching your front leg out as far as you can with your toe down then toe lifted. This will stretch out your hamstrings and you thighs so you don’t do any major damage.

Next you want to stretch you calves so who will alternatively put on foot in front of the other but this time with the pressure in the front leg and your front leg will be bent; the back leg will then stretch out and making sure that both feet at facing the same direction (forward).

We will now move onto the arms and stretch out the triceps. We will do this by lifting up your arm and putting it on the opposite shoulder blade and with the other arm you will gently push on the elbow and should start to feel a small stretch. You would hold this for 10 seconds then switch hands.

You then will want to stretch out your deltoids (shoulders) to even pout your arms. You do this by crossing one arm over the other and then putting the other arm gently pulling the elbow. You want to this for 10 seconds on each arm.

To start mobilisation you will want to rotate the...
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