Basic Concepts in Positive Psychology

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Subjective well being is based on a person’s experiences in their life satisfactions and a person’s emotional experiences. Subjective well being reflects the way a person views the quality of life from the positive or negative emotional experience. During the time span of a person’s life, many people range from experiencing positive to negative life experiences. Depending on how much of the positive experiences someone goes through, that would make their overall subjective well being status very high, and would make them an overall happy person. The same thing goes for someone who encounters many negative life situations. In most cases, the persons subjective well being status would be quite low and they will be unhappy. Subjective well being is related to our personality traits and can be grouped by how well a person’s mental health is. Having a good mental health would make the person’s subjective well being high, while not having a stable mind would be for someone who’s subjective well being was low. Subjective well being is measured by hedonic and eudemonic happiness. Hedonic happiness is the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Eudaimonic happiness is based on the idea that people feel happy from what they experience in their life such as the purpose, personal growths, and challenges. I would not consider being hooked up to a machine in order to feel a constant state of happiness because I would not want to rely on a machine to make me feel happy. I would want to be able to control my emotions and make myself feel happy from my experiences in life instead.

Chapter 2 of Positive Psychology

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