Positive and Negative Emotions

Topics: Internalization, Gender, Externalization Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Positive emotions can make the difference between a good or a bad day. There are also my benefits to positive emotions. Experiencing positive emotions can enhance resiliency. There will always be times were negative emotions are experience but, positive emotions all for one to offset the negative emotions and better handle stressful situations. Positive emotions also play a big role in an individual’s health. In regards to the cardiovascular and immune system health, the experience of positive emotions can increase and provide better health. It has also been shown that when facing a diagnosis of a disease, that if one has a positive or negative mind set it can make a huge impact on how treatments go as well as how fast one recovers. The experience of positive emotions plays into ones well-being. Experiencing positive emotions can help avoid mental illness and improve depression. People that are happy also tend to have more success in life. They are able to recover from failures and setbacks unlike those who experience negative emotions. Marriages, friendships, work, income, mental and physical health are all more successful when combines with positive emotions. Although emotions are felt by both men and women the difference in sex also provides a difference in how the emotions are felt or displayed.
Studies and research have shown that men and women experience negative emotions much differently than each other. Women tend to take negative emotions and internalize them while mean externalize negative emotions. By internalizing emotions women are more likely to develop depression and anxiety. It has also been found that women develop depression earlier than men do. Men tend to externalize their negative emotions, showing outwardly towards objects or people. Drug abuse, antisocial personalities, and anger are common factors in the externalization of negative emotions in men. Researchers explain these differences with the paradox of gender....
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