Barriers of Effective Communication

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Communication has been around for centuries. Cave men communicated with one another by their motions or the occasional “arg.” Animals communicate through growls or shrieks. We as humans communicate in a more revolutionized way. We have a form of language that can be interpreted in numerous ways. This paper will cover the communication process of humans, mostly Criminal Justice professionals, and how effective communication can be achieved.

The Process of Communication and its Components.
The process of communication seems fairly straight forward to most people. When it comes to communication at a professional level, it can get a bit technical at times. There are a few steps one must learn in order for communication to be successful and effective. Knowing the elements and functions of communication will lead to better environments for the Criminal Justice personnel.

Communication has been defined in numerous ways. One of the best definitions of communication was stated by I.A. Richards, who is an author and English literary critic. (Wallace & Roberson, 2009) Richards’ definition of communication states:

Communication takes place when one mind so acts upon its environment
That another mind is influenced, and in that other mind an experience occurs
Which is like the experience in the first mind, and is caused in part by that

The process of communication can be broken down into three elements as noted by Wallace and Roberson (2009): 1.It is a process, not an isolated event.
2.It involves at least two persons.
3.Its primary purpose is the exchange of information.

When communication is conducted, it is usually when two or more individuals are discussing a topic in order to exchange information. This regularly happens when officers discuss an incident they have responded to. They discuss upcoming events that could possibly need extra patrolling or just the latest news occurring in their lives. Either way, individuals...

References: Written and Interpersonal Communication: Methods for Law Enforcement, Fourth Edition by Harvey Wallace and Cliff Roberson. Published by Prentice-Hall (2009) by Pearson Education, Inc.
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