Barack Obama Inagural Address Summary W/ Inserts Blcok Quotes

Topics: President of the United States, United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: April 11, 2009
I think that Barack Obama’s Inaugural speech was extremely inspiring, motivating, and most of all in my opinion comforting to a rehabilitating nation in dire need. In the introductions and openings of the majority of Barack Obama's speech in my opinion he starts on a “down note”, but on the other hand; He was generally had an optimistic and friendly tone throughout his inaugural address you can say personally from a American citizen’s perspective it is safe to say that it was even “touching”. I think that consistently through Barack Obama’s inaugural speech he concentrated on the current economic crisis, the war, and the problems at hand concerning the peoples of America and also the world in general,

In Barack Obama’s speech his main aim were outlined in six points which were also chronologically structured into his speech; His first two paragraphs basically consisted of thanks to the American people for holding up this far which is the first main point. The next five paragraphs of his speech are intentionally focused on honestly acknowledging the economic crisis. After the second point is addressed in the previously mentioned five paragraphs by Obama, the next ten paragraphs of his speech focuses on his third main point, which is Americans have always faced crises and overcome them. The next two paragraphs of Obama’s revolutionary inaugural speech are geared toward addressing the cynics; The main purpose of which is to persuade “those” who are skeptical of his plans as president. The next five paragraphs, which are the second to last of his main six points, are basically focused on Speaking about the world and to the World. In the fifth point he also charts a new foreign policy which is anchored on common, human ideals. Barack Obama transitions back to the American people in the sixth point to concluding his last point with eight paragraphs which also concludes and closes his thirty five paragraph revolutionary forty fourth presidential inaugural speech....
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