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Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: August 4, 2014
The 44th president of the United States inauguration.

Statement of intent:
I chose Barack Obama’s first inauguration, as it was one of the capacious events that I think to occur in my lifetime. Barack Obama’s speech during his inauguration talked of forging a more united “post racial” America. I agree with many of the president’s ideals and for this reason I was interested in researching him and how America has changed since his first inauguration.

Focus question:
Distinguish whether the election of the first African American US president close the racial divide between African Americans and the rest of the US population.

Bridging the partisan divide in Washington and forging a more united, “post racial” America was defining themes of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008. On January 20 2009 Barack Obama was inaugurated for the first time, making him not only the 44th president of the United States but the first African American to hold the position. But did the election of president Obama close the racial divide in America? In this personal interest project I’ll be discussing and debating to what extent the inauguration of America’s first African American president closed the racial abscond.

President Obama’s ability to close the racial fissure has met both agreement and opposition, I am going to discuss both of these. It could be said that the election of president Obama closed the racial divide to some extent. Obama, by virtue of his abilities proved the racial discrimination to be baseless and also proved that a person can touch the zenith by virtue of his abilities. Secondly Obama’s election showed that white Americans are willing to elect an African American president not due to his race but his plans for the future of America. Obama's election to President was a very important change in the American self-image. It showed to everyone that white Americans could vote for and elect an African-American to the...
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