Banyan Tree's Core Competencies

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts (Banyan) and its core competencies work towards its strategic goal of becoming a leader in the luxury hotels and resorts market. I will first list and group Banyan’s various capabilities into 3 major bands of core competencies and then resource-based framework will be discussed to affirm long run sustainability of competitive advantage. Ability to Create Differentiated Products and High Service Quality- Banyan’s first core competency is its ability to create a differentiated product offering and high quality service. Unlike its competitors, Banyan builds its own resorts to better control the Banyan experience. It also focuses on the interior of the villas- creating a romantic ambience. It adopts the unique concept of a “nonclinical” tropical garden spa with an oriental feel and offers a wide range of spa packages and special cuisine which caters to the guests’ preferences. In addition, the privacy offered by the villas is one of its signature features. On the service side, the firm takes a flexible approach in providing good service as it attempts to deliver service with a local flavour. Local staff are encouraged to give innovative and exclusive service while resorts are located in places with strong service culture. In fact, the styles of delivering the products were distinctive to each resort as long as they were well done and enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition, staff training is customized based on local preference, and there is a strict selection criteria for selecting staff. For skills specific training like spa treatments, Banyan trained their staff in-house. Valuable: Banyan’s complementary mix of products aimed at romance and rejuvenation, as well as its high service quality, promises guests a memorable experience. Guests who enjoyed their experience will continue to patronize Banyan, creating a sustainable source of revenue. Due to low attrition rate of the staff, who are immensely proud of being part of Banyan,...
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