Feasibility Study on Internet Cafe Chapter 1

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Feasibility Study of Establishing Cindy’s Fast Food Branch Along Plaza of Balanga, Bataan 1. General Objectives
1.1. Description of the Business Project
The proposed business will need a two-storey building in a 2,000 square-meter lot with a parking space at the rear. The customer will drive in the left entrance greeted by the water-sprinkled Indian trees partly shielding the establishment from the fumes coming from the busy street. Embraced by the multi-colored lights, the trees will set the cosmopolitan setting to a rustic atmosphere. The building will be constructed to hide the stockroom complementing the architectural masterpiece. The smoothly cemented exit passing through the well-manicured lawn will draw sights of satisfaction from the customers. The state-of-the-art tables, chairs and utensils will enhance the customers feeling that they are in a five-star hotel. Very affordable, the food will enthrall every customer to come and savor the food over the widely spaced tables on the immaculately marbled floor. The electronically flushing system of the restrooms will motivate the customers to force their friends and relatives to frequent this new Cindy’s Branch at the heart of the Balanga. 1.2. Project Time Table

All minor details considered, the project will start serving the five thousand targeted daily customers within five months. The contractors will complete the fence and the framework of the building in the first month. They will finish the walls and the floors in the second month. They will install the electrical and the air conditioning units in the third month. After the first and second layer coating, they will complete the final painting in the fourth month and finally they will landscape and plant balled-trees in the fifth month. As the project will be in progress, the company will busy the facilities to be used. 1.3. Management of the Business

With three managers alternately scheduled on the eight hour duty to man the 95crew in the 24 hour service, the business will surely satisfy the customers, propelling profit to soar. The personnel will make a customer feel that he is the only one served amidst the queuing multitude. The high wage given by the company and, likewise, the humane treatment of the superiors will inspire the crew to render machine-precise service. 2. Product and Market Aspects

2.1 Market Outcome
A variety of expensive fireworks commence the business to attract the children, students, parents, and professionals. This opening blast will have been advertised a month before. The initial big crowd from the different districts of the province will keep growing to actualize the management’s vision that this Cindy Branch will be the most profitable among the food chains in the City. 2.2 Market and Selling Price

The customers can order from a variety of choices in the counter staffed with beautiful and handsome ever-smiling crew. The waiters will serve the orders in the well-crafted, smoke free dining areas with both oriental and western motifs to fit their number and their tastes. These areas will enhance customer privacy as the customers enjoy eating while talking about the gossips of the town, or as they engage in a highly intellectual calisthenics about a hot political issue. The area will also conduce lovers to cement their relationship with their soul-penetrating interlocked gazes that only lovers could fathom, as they savor their food. 3. Technical Aspect

3.1 Location Factor
At the center of Balanga Plaza, this food center will surely draw customers from the cross-section of society. The following factors will back-up the company’s foresight: 3.1.1 Topography
The 2,000 square-meter lot does not need labeling because the area is already flat and it is located in high location. No matter how strong the typhoon will be, the rains will not flood the area. The customers will not be drawn away from enjoying the services of Cindys. 3.1.2 Cost of Land

The fertile business venture will...
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