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American International University - Bangladesh
Group Members:

✓ Shohag MD. Mohammudullah -- 07-09604-3

✓ Mumtarin Sumayra -- 09-14663-3

✓ Rahman Obaidur -- 07-09554-3

✓ Hussain Farhan Shams -- 09-14915-3

✓ Uddin, Faisal Jashim -- 09-14158-2

Course Teacher: Khan, Tahsina
Section: A

“Bangla CAT”

Our Term Paper Topic:

Marketing plan for “BANGLA CAT”
A report submitted to the Department of Marketing, AIUB, in part-fulfillment of the requirements of the final examination in
Business to Business marketing,
Fall-Semester 2011.
December 1, 2011

Khan, Tahsina Nimmi
Department of Marketing
American International University-Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka

Dear Tahsina Nimmi Khan,

In compliance with the fulfillment of the requirements on the subject “Business to Business Marketing”, the students of our group would like to present the proposal entitled “Marketing Plan for BANGLA CAT”, in accordance with your instructions.

The main purpose of the document is to have a full proof business to business plan for Bangla CAT. This will help a lot of Business to Business Marketing students and businesses.

We hope that this proposal will meet your approval.

Very truly yours,

Shadowplay Group

The Information that have been presented in this term paper regarding the company’s products and service are all based on the information provided generally on the company’s personal website and more general information of Caterpillar Inc. in its mother company website. We greatly thank the “CAT Inc.” and “Bangla CAT” respectively, for putting up a comprehensive navigating website and information for its customers and consumers. We would also like to thank our most knowledgeable Business to Business marketing course teacher, Tahsina Khan. She has provided us with a wide and valuable lecture on B2B marketing, expanding our knowledge on the business to business format. An internal source came in

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