Balbir Pasha

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PSI India – Will Balbir Pasha Help Fight AIDS?
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The case presents a problem over choosing a suitable mass campaign route to be taken by an NGO named Population Services International (PSI), India. Their aim is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable groups due to lifestyle behavior. They wanted to design a differentiated campaign to connect with the target population at a wider and deeper level.

1. Do you think it is wise for PSI India to shift gears from its previous communication strategy and develop a mass media campaign in its fight against AIDS? Ans. Yes, I agree that there is indeed a need to develop a mass media campaign with a differentiated approach from all those that have been used till now. Broadly, the issues were to make the target population associate themselves with the issue of HIV/AIDS. Majority of the target had sort of shut off from this threat, nurturing various notions and beliefs in their minds. The need was to break this stupor and make them receptive. Following is the justification

Situation till now
* Catering to only supply side of industry and not clients (Wrong Channelization) We observe that till now PSI’s efforts were solely diverted towards to try and control HIV/AIDS from the demand side of the Commercial Sex Industry i.e. their agents Interpersonal Communicators used to approach and interact with Commercial Sex Workers, Pimps and Madams from the local brothels. These people, though they understood the problem and the risk involved were helpless in front of customer demands who did not want to lessen their pleasure by using a condom; they would threaten to go to another sex worker. The situation was so bad, intense and competitive that sex workers were left with no choice but to go ahead without protection. Rest of the story is told by Exhibit 4 which tells 85.7% of HIV transmission occurs through sexual contact.

* Taboo Attitude towards Sex
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