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Advanced Higher P.E. Project Report

“Following an integrated programme of training which uses phases of training will allow me to ensure all areas of my performance are developed towards a major event.”

Scottish Qualifications Authority
Advanced Higher: Physical Education: Badminton: Project Report



Rationale and Project Proposal - pages 3-6

Research - pages 7-9

Interpretation and Discussion - pages 10-11

Application to Personal Development - pages 12-14

Evaluation – pages 15-16

Appendix 1 - Match Analysis Sheets (Initial) - pages 17-18

Appendix 2 - Observation Checklists - pages 19-20

Appendix 3 - Coaches Criticisms - page 21

Appendix 4 - On-court Routines - page 22

Appendix 5 - Tests - pages 23-26

Appendix 6 - Training Leading up to Tournaments - page 27

Appendix 7 - Training Programme and Goals - pages 28-29

Appendix 8 - Pre/Post Training Tests Results - pages 30-31

Appendix 9 - Match Analysis Sheets (Final) - pages 32-33

Bibliography - page 34

Examiner Project Report Marking Sheet – page 35

Scottish Qualifications Authority
Advanced Higher: Physical Education: Badminton: Project Report


According to Alan Lakein (1996), “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. This key quote sums up the essence of a periodised training programme aimed at specific goals. The importance of planning ahead is vital and is the main reason I have based my project on developing a detailed and monitored season plan.

In this course I intend to concentrate on my main event, singles, although I also play doubles. I have decided to base my investigation on singles as it has more intense training demands than those of doubles. It involves more work as you are alone on the court therefore it is harder both mentally and physically. To play singles at an international level, which is one of my goals, requires you to be strong both technically and tactically. As I am in the long term development stage of my badminton career, none of the aspects of my game are perfect. That is why I am planning to improve my performance as a whole through integrated training. During the badminton season of 2004/2005 I felt that I often underperformed in crucial tournaments either due to fatigue or poor preparation. In order to avoid the same problem this season I decided to undertake research on phases of training so I could plan an effective programme of training aimed at specific season goals. Phased training varies the volume, intensity and type of training carried out throughout the year. It is designed around tournaments, goals and major events, such as exams.

Scottish Qualifications Authority
Advanced Higher: Physical Education: Badminton: Project Report


Project Proposal
Throughout this investigation, my aim is to improve my overall performance. Specifically, I want to improve my racket carriage, my blocks to the net and my leg strength. To do this I am studying the following key concepts: Performance Appreciation - Key Concept 5

Planning and Managing personal performance improvement, including long- and short-term goals.
- planning for improvement of the ‘whole performance’ through integrating training.

Preparation of the Body - Key Concept 5

Planning and Implementing training in pursuit of personal goals, through phases of training, training cycles and the monitoring of progress. - setting challenging and achievable targets.
- research phases of training and their relevance to performance development. - planning and implementing a specific training programme through applying understanding of phases of training.

Describing the fundamentals of singles will indicate the main characteristics to maximise performance and demonstrate how a phased and integrated training schedule should help me to reach a...
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