Axial age

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People in the axial age had the concerns of no modern technology. They were also more religiously based, and there were new thoughts on various aspects. In a different situation, such as a modern day city, people would be more based on the utility of the location of the city. Also, there would be more industrial buildings and structures than religious ones. The housing settlements would also be different, as now there are more strictly defined residential areas. The city centers before used to be a lot more clear and defined, while now it is mostly just a specific area usually made as a government building place.

The axial age cities may have been different, but the age itself does not differ so greatly from now. Back then was when the ideas of transcendence which were new and innovative. For example, in the religious sense it was the start of realizing that maybe religion wasn't so much about rituals but more about the behavior and personal beliefs in the heart of each individual. Also practical wisdom as well as more modern practices were beginning in those times, but now they "So what do you think?" I hear my best friend, Scarlett say as she comes out of the dressing room. She comes out wearing a beautiful knee length red dress. I have to admit she looks stunning. I smile, probably the first time I've smiled in days. " You look amazing" I say in the most cheerful voice I could muster. I wasn't lying when I said she looked amazing, she really does. Her long blond hair falls in waves down her shoulders and the dress accentuates her curves perfectly. "You think?" she asks. I nod my head and smile at her. "I'm getting it" Scar exclaimed "this is definitely the one!" You could see the happiness in her eyes when she practically skipped back to the dressing rooms to change. You are probably wondering what yours truly, I, Alex Campbell am doing in the mall. You see when Scar begged me to come with her so I could help her pick a prom dress I couldn't just say no....
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