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  • Black Hair Jelly Research Paper

    Products For Black Hair The stakes are high when it comes to finding a quality styling product that lives up to your high but very necessary standards. It’s a game of chance‚ but once you’ve found that ever elusive product that unlocks the secret to your curls‚ it’s as if you’ve hit the jackpot‚ amiright?! Well‚ product junkies rejoice because we’ve rounded up the “Holy Grail” of styling products that are sure to give your kinky curls a run for their money. 1. WonderCurl Get Set Hair Jelly ($15):

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  • The Evolution of Black Hair

    Evolution of Black Hair Ms. Miller Social Studies 8 March 2012 Table of Contents Abstract page 3 Evolution of Black Hair page 4-7 Slavery page 4-5 Relaxers page 5-6 Civil Rights Era and Black Power Movements page 6 Transitioning and Natural Hair

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  • Hair

    Preventing Hair Breakage Women worldwide have been constantly searching for answers on how they can prevent their hair from breaking so that it remains healthy. They tend to use a variety of chemicals and hair weaves without taking into consideration the importance of maintaining their own hair. Bad hair care leads to hair damage and with hair damage it leads to hair breakage. All females should be aware of the strategies that can be used to maintain healthy hair. A lot of people do confuse breakage

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  • Black Hair Analysis

    Lori L. Tharps book‚ Black hair‚ what motivated African Americans to attempt to straighten their hair stems from their desire to “emulate European standards of beauty‚ dress‚ and behavior” (26). This was because their importance were not their education and training‚ but the way they presented themselves that mattered to society. Due to this‚ businesses started exploited their eagerness to counter the main stream stigma- even black entrepreneurs. In the early 1900s‚ two black-owned companies named

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  • Hair Care

    Indian Hair Care Industry The hair care industry has grown a lot in the recent years. The reason can be attributed to the fact that a large portion of our Indian population is using higher quality branded products. Of the estimated Rs.1‚ 611 billion FMCG market in  India‚ hair care products make up approximately Rs.91.5 billion‚ or 8%‚ of the total according the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. The 14% growth rate in the hair care industry is also slightly higher than the overall industry average of

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  • Braided Hair

    Braided hair with Lionesse Beauty Bar Braided hair has been making waves of comeback across the world. From celebs such as Salma Hayek to Madonna‚ everyone has been singing new praises for this classic look. At Lionesse Action we have trained and experienced professionals who can anticipate the beauty and grooming needs of our clients‚ and prepare responses and contingency plans for that effect. Below is what we think about the braided hair and the comeback it seems to be making. Braided hair is a

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  • Natural Hair

    Natural Hair Expo every year‚ giving great advice on how to keep your natural hair healthy. This big event consists of booths‚ vendors‚ a concert‚ hair stylist stations‚ food‚ etc. The Nashville Natural Hair & Wellness Expo was very expensive‚ entertaining‚ and informative. The expo tickets ranged from different prices. Of course the V.I.P ticket was the most expensive‚ the big thing about this ticket was that you were allowed to eat the wonderful smelling food. You could also get your hair and

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  • Curly Hair

    most things‚ there is a way to classify what type of hair you have. The hair type is made up of a number and a letter. Any type of hair that starts with a two is wavy. Any type of hair that starts with a four is coiled. Of course type three is curly. There are three subdivisions of curly hair; a‚ b‚ and c. Type 3a is called Curly Twirly. Curly Twirly looks like a loopy S. It’s most affected by the climate. Some celebrities that have this hair type are Shakira‚ Debra Messing‚ and AnnaLynne McCord

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  • Hair Analysis

    tell me‚ “son you have to train your hair so that it doesn’t look so terrible.” I never did take any consideration into it as adolescent. My hair used to always be dry‚ which causes it to itch and be very flaky. Dandruff loved me‚ sometimes I used to scratch my head that I used to have migraines. Also my fingernail stayed dirty due to excessive scratching. I never thought not taking care of my hair could me so stressful. Over time I’ve a defeated now my hair is silky smooth and very healthy. From

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  • Hairs

    Because curly hair has a tendency to be dryer‚ more brittle and prone to frizz it requires more careful treatment than straight hair to keep it looking its best. First let’s find out what makes hair curly in the first place. There is more than one school of thought on this subject. Some hair scholars believe whether your hair is straight or curly depends on the shape of the hair shaft‚ which is determined by the shape of the hair follicle. A cross section view of a straight hair would appear round

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