Automated Inventory System

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March 2013
Table of Contents
Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
List of appendices

Chapter I Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of the Objectives
1.2.1 General Objective
1.2.2 Specific objective
1.3 Significance of the study
1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

Chapter II Methodology of the Study
Chapter III Data Gathering Procedures and Output
Chapter IV The existing System
4.1 Company Background
4.2 Description of the System
4.3 Data Flow Diagram
4.4 Data Dictionary
4.5 Problem Areas
Chapter V The proposed System
5.1 System Overview
5.2 Process Specification
5.2.1 Data flow Diagram
5.2.2 Data Dictionary
5.3 Data Specifications
5.3.1 Entity Relationship Diagram
5.3.2 Tables / Files Layout
5.4 Screen Layout / Specifications
5.5 Report / Form Specifications
5.6 Program / Module Specifications
Chapter VI System Coding (Prototype)
6.1 Programming Language
6.2 Special Purpose Language Tools
Chapter VII System Testing Plan
7.1 Testing Stages
7.2 Testing Schedules
Chapter VIII System Implementation Plan
8.1 Resource Requirements
8.1.1 Hardware Requirements
8.1.2 Software Requirements
8.1.3 Human Resource Requirements
8.2 Implementation Plan
8.2.1 Site Preparation
8.2.2 Personnel Training
8.2.3 System Conversion
8.2.4 Data Conversion
8.2.5 Implementation Schedule

Chapter IX System Maintenance Plan
Resource Persons

List of Tables

User Table
Item’s Table
Shocks Table
Sales Table

List of Figures

Loading (frmLoading)
User Login (frmLogin)
Main Form/Main Screen (frmMain)
Add User (frmAddUser)

List of Appendices

Appendix AfrmLoading
Appendix BfrmLogin
Appendix C frmMain
Appendix DfrmAddUser
Appendix EfrmBilling
Appendix FfrmSales
Appendix GfrmHelp



1.1Background of the Study
Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation (or UNO) is a convergence of the finest network marketers in the country today as they offer new opportunities, conquer new challenges and welcome new partners in this impressive and generous way of extending help to millions of Filipinos here and abroad. UNO is a dynamic marketing company engaged in the distribution of health enhancing natural products and other services that address the needs of modern living. UNO is ran by top network industry leaders whose credibility has been years in the making. In its forefront are top-caliber professionals and successful network marketers with several years of experience in leverage marketing. UNO takes on to deliver a performance breakthrough. It is definite that UNO is poised to be among the major players in the industry of network marketing. All the vital elements to drive in a new curve of new markets and technologies are present. They equip every network marketer the convenience of simultaneously marketing fast-moving health and wellness products. In this case we are making the System for a Distributor of the UNO Company for their product’s accountability. It is the interest of the aforementioned Distributor/endorser to have their own system because of their large quantity of orders. The Distributors use of Manual system is time consuming and erroneous that some data are often lost. So we were tapped to design a system to monitor their products, sales, development and income. So we proposed an Inventory, billing and sales system.

Inventory System refers to the interaction of products, data, processing and technology that could minimize if not eliminate the problem. A more convenient rather doing it manually.

1.2Statements of the...
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