Computerized inventory system

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Problem solving, Cash register Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: January 21, 2014
In this chapter, the students who are the developer of the system are going to tackle about the company’s main problem in its existing system and are also going to discuss the specific problem that causes the host company’s loss and incompetency to the market. The propose system that the students come up with will be discuss to maximize the competency of the host company along with the details, the scope and limitations, and the methodology used for the study.

2.1.2 Problem Statement
In this chapter the proponent will specify the general and specific problems of their company that has encounter through interview or observation.

2.1.1 Major Statement
How to create a Computerized Sales and Inventory System for Alta School & Office Supply that will solve the major and minor problems of the store? Alta School & Office Supply using the manual system for the operation of the inventory and the cashier operator transacts all purchases using a cash register. The proponents decided then to develop a computer-based sales and inventory system that the store can use to be able to solve major and minor problems encountered when using a manual system in doing these operation.

2.1.2 Minor Statements
How to develop a module that will make the user easily find and validate returned products? Product returned include damage items when a product is returned, it should be accompanied with the receipt of the purchased product. Since only the product category and its price are indicated in the receipt, it would be hard for the manager to easily find and validate the product and the receipt so as to accept the return transaction.

How to create a module that is enable to generate updated report such as the sales report and inventory report, as well as fast moving and slow moving products reports that is available anytime is needed? The store does not have an actual inventory report and their sales report are made and calculated just through...
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