Automated Examination System

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Automated Examination System (AES)

The examinations are conducted on periodic basis in every educational institution. It should be orderly and proper, so manual conduction of examination is always tiresome and cumbersome. All these problems can be solved by automating the examination system so as for instructors to conduct the examination systematically. By computerizing the examination system, the examinations are conducted smoothly, error free and systematically.

Definition of the Topic
The Automated Examination System is an application that establishes a network between the institutes and the students. The instructor will enter the questions they want which are more on objective type into the application. These questions are displayed as a test to the eligible students. The answers enter by the students are then evaluated and their score is calculated and saved. This score then can be accessed by the instructors to determine the students who passed or to evaluate their performance. Moreover, the application must have an administrator who keeps an eye on the overall functioning of the system

Expected Output
The system to be developed will include the following modules: oStudent module.
oExaminer module.
oAdministrator module.
The functionality along with the features available for each module is as follows: Student module:
The Student will logon to the software and take his examination. He can also check his previous examinations marks and his details. The student will get result immediately after the completion of the examination. Can view and take the exam available and applicable for him/her. Can change password.

Can view their marks.
Can view and modify its profile but can modify it to some limited range.

Examiner module: The database is prepared & loaded into the software. Selection for examination can be done language wise by the examiner. The results will be displayed immediately after completion of the examination. ...
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