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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Helicopter, Corporation Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: April 20, 2015
General Certificate of Education
Advanced Subsidiary Examination
June 2015

Applied Business
Unit 3


Financial Planning and Monitoring

Preliminary Material
To be distributed to candidates no sooner than 2 March 2015
You will be given one copy of this Preliminary Material for use during your preparation for the examination, which you may annotate as you wish, but which you will not be allowed to take into the examination.

The Preliminary Material will be repeated within the question paper for use in the examination. You are advised to carry out your own research using this Preliminary Material. It is the business concepts and ideas raised by the Preliminary Material which should be researched. Your teacher is encouraged to give assistance and advice as required. INFORMATION

The Preliminary Material is to be seen by teachers and candidates only, for use during preparation for the examination on Monday 18 May 2015. It cannot be used by anyone else for any other purpose, other than as stated in the instructions issued, until after the examination date has passed. It must not be provided to third parties.



A flying start
Sheena Patel is a qualified helicopter pilot and holds a Commercial Pilot Licence. She is a highly experienced pilot and has taught others to fly. Since leaving the RAF, Sheena has earned £50 000 a year as a pilot, providing helicopter flights for leisure and business purposes for a London‑based company.

Sheena is keen to start her own business as she has recently received an inheritance of £675 000, although she has not given up her job as a pilot yet. She believes that the desire to be an entrepreneur is in her genes, and she has the ambition to create and expand a business and to generate high profits. Sheena has no entrepreneurial experience but is skilled in IT. Her father, Roshan, is a highly successful and wealthy businessman. He is also chief executive...
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