My Initial Reflection of Pdp

Topics: Week-day names, Storey, Floor Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Time Table
Module| Day| Time| Duration| Lecturer| Room|
Business Economics| Monday| 11:00| 2 hrs| N Jones| Newton Theatre| Business Law| Tuesday| 13:00| 2 hrs| R Watson| Newton Theatre| Study Skills| Wednesday| 9:00| 2 hrs| K Brockbank| Newton Theatre| Business Economics| Wednesday| 13:00| 2 hrs| N Jones| Ardent Tutorial| Business Law| Wednesday| 15:00| 2 hrs| V Krishnan| Aggresser Tutorial| Study Skills| Thursday| 14:00| 2 hrs| J Burke| Flamsteed Tutorial|


This is your draft timetable for the classes that you are scheduled to attend for the next semester which starts on MONDAY 11TH JUNE. This timetable has been prepared specifically to meet your learning requirements over the next semester. It is important that you do follow this timetable and not any other timetable. This draft timetable has been prepared on the basis that you have completed all of the assessments for your modules to date. Assessments may include submitting coursework and reports, attending presentations, class tests and exams. SEMESTER DATES: 11th June to 28th September

READING WEEKS: 30th July to 10th August
REVISION WEEK: 3rd to 7th September
EXAMINATION WEEKS: 3rd September to 28th September| TurnItIn All assignments should be accompanied by a TurnItIn report.
You will need access to the Student Portal for this. Please contact for more information.|

THIS DRAFT TIMETABLE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND WILL CHANGE IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED ALL NECESSARY ASSESSMENTS IN PREVIOUS SEMESTERS. Any revisions will be posted on the Student Portal from THURSDAY 7TH JUNE so please make sure you log in again to confirm any changes. Please ensure that you ENTER and PAY for your examinations before the deadline date which is 31st August. Candidates who do not pay on or before the deadline date will be charged the LATE ENTRY FEE. During this period, these dates and times may alter. You are...
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