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The CITO Examination System
Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen, PhD
Chief Information Officer
e-mail marjan.vernooy@cito.nl
Dutch National Institute for Educational Measurement
Arnhem, Netherlands

Paper presented at the 32st Annual Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment Singapore May 21 – 26, 2006


Dutch schools all are online, which opens possibilities for a fully web based assessment system. But what is online? Cito has to deal with a wide variety in bandwidths, intranet systems, firewalls, and proxy servers. Furthermore, schools use a mix of Operation Systems, Media Players, and Browser applications. Under these circumstances Cito has to deliver multimedia examinations with video fragments and sound tracks simultaneously to 200.000 candidates. How can this be done? Cito managed to develop an Assessment system for a range of Microsoft Operation Systems (W95 to XP) for both stand-alone situations and local area networks. The Cito Examination System does not need third party applications for browsing or multimedia presentation. Distribution of multimedia test packages and data return of test results can be handled by installing and returning files or by automated synchronization techniques with the central Cito Data Server. The test content is readable only during test taking by a candidate. Test packages and test data are encrypted, and transmission of files over the Internet is secured by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

Presented by:
Prof. Gupteshwar Prasad
Prof. Chandan Bhar
Mr. Vivek Srivastav

The paper describes the role of examination system in
improving the quality of technical education by comparing it with the quality control department of an industrial production unit. The paper discusses the salient features of a good
examination system & asserts that a robust examination
system alone can bring about substantial improvement in
quality of technical education.
 Quality problems in the examination system in general have been analyzed. Thorough overhaul in the examination system
with regard to its policies, procedures and practices have been suggested.. Statistical analysis of the examination results has been suggested for identifying the problems in the examination system as well as in the teaching process of a university. Other remedial measures have also been suggested to make the

examination system more efficient in order to produce
technical manpower of superior quality from the existing
technical institutions.

Case study of a computer based examination system
Andrew Fluck, Darren Pullen and Colleen Harper
University of Tasmania

Australasian Journal of
Educational Technology
2009, 25(4), 509-523

Electronic supported assessment or e-Assessment is a field of growing importance, but it has yet to make a significant impact in the Australian higher education sector (Byrnes & Ellis, 2006). Current computer based assessment models focus on the assessment of knowledge rather than deeper understandings, using multiple choice type questions, and blocking access to more sophisticated software tools. This study explored a new system based on a customised version of an open source live CD, based on Ubuntu which was used with three groups of pre-service teachers (N=270). Students had divided opinions about using computers or paper for their examinations, but prior exposure to computer based assessment was a highly significant factor for preferring the computer medium. Reflecting upon their experience, students found the noise of computer keyboards a distraction during the eExamination and preferred fewer on-screen windows. The new system allowed eExaminations to be taken securely on student owned laptop computers and was supervised by invigilators without specialist information...
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