Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (910 words) Published: January 6, 2014
Authentic leadership development: Getting to the
root of positive forms of leadership
Bruce J. Avolio, William L. Gardner

In this article Bruce J. Avolio and William L. Gardner state that authentic leadership can make a fundamental difference in organizations by helping people find meaning and connection at work through greater self-awareness; by restoring and building optimism, confidence and hope; by promoting transparent relationships and decision making that builds trust and commitment among followers; and by fostering inclusive structures and positive ethical climates. Moreover, they have adopted a developmental focus as we seek to understand and explain how authentic leadership, authentic followership, authentic leader–follower relationships, and positive organizational climates promote sustained and veritable performance.

Leadership has always been more difficult in challenging times, but the unique stressors facing organizations throughout the world today call for a renewed focus on what constitutes genuine leadership. In this article former head of Medtronic, Bill George succinctly states “we need leaders who lead with purpose, values, and integrity; leaders who build enduring organizations, motivate their employees to provide superior customer service, and create long-term value for shareholders.” They also suggest a need to concentrate on the root construct underlying all positive forms of leadership and its development, which we label authentic leadership development or ALD.

Conceptual foundations and definitions:-

The authors have trace the theoretical roots and foundations that underpin current conceptions of authentic leadership theory and in addition, presented definitions for the constructs of authenticity, authentic leaders, authentic leadership, and authentic leadership development, several of which are introduced, with the intent of clarifying these constructs at the very earliest stages of theory development. Authenticity...
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