Aunt Moon's Young Man

Topics: Knowledge, Laughter, Learning Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: February 29, 2012
An Intelligent Native-American Woman Having Non-Traditional Values That Has Found Love In Linda Hogan’s “Aunt Moon’s Young Man”

In Linda Hogan’s “Aunt Moon’s Young Man”, the narrator tells a tale of Bess Evening, whom she has given the name Aunt Moon. This story takes place in the small town of Pickens, Oklahoma during the 1950 war times. Linda Hogan portrays Aunt Moon as a wise knowledgeable woman having non- traditional Native-American values that has found love. Aunt Moon lived alone in her house at the top of the hill and she relied much on her wisdom and knowledge. Bess Evening “knew about plants” (211), -- her knowledge of plants allowed her to make remedies for sickness’ and pains which she then sold to the townspeople. Her level of intelligence is seen when she knows “how to read planets” (212) and she is able “to cut wood” (212)—knowledge such as this is obtained in school; therefore Bess had learned on her own. Aunt Moon lived a life that “good Indian women” (217) were not supposed to live. Bess would have always “laughed out loud” (217) even though Native women were not supposed to laugh loudly. Aunt Moon “didn’t go to church” (217) and she frequently “did a man’s work” (217), all actions that were against traditional Native-American women’s values. When the young man Isaac appeared into Aunt Moon’s life, it was the first time she had felt love since the passing of her daughter. Isaac wins a silver ring from Mr. Tens in a poker game and later it “showed up on Aunt Moon’s hand” (219), showing the true degree of their relationship. Upon Isaac’s return, he “kissed her” (224) and Aunt Moon “put her arms around him” (224), revealing that the feelings in the relationship are mutual. Aunt Moon’s intelligence is shown by her knowledge of plants and reading planets. Her non-traditional Native-American values are seen when she does not go to church, laughs loudly, and does men’s work. She has found love with Isaac when he gives her a ring and they show...
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