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Harmony at Home: The Myth of the Model American Family

By bbq12 Oct 10, 2013 285 Words

Harmony at Home: The Myth of the Model American Family

Family is a essential social unit consisting of parents and their children, The family is always considered as a group, even if they as dwelling together or not. In this essay I will explain the difference and seminaries of the family relationships. The following stories describe the difference and seminaries. In “ The Color of Family Ties, from the book Rereading American. The essay, The Color of Family Ties, has carried on the comparison in the difference of race, class, gender and elongated family involvement to Whites family, Blacks family and Latinos family to find their relationships between their kinships. This story describes gender, class, and race. The poem “Aunt Ida Pieces a Quilt” by Melvin Dixon is about a geriatric lady named Ida that makes a quilt for a boy named Junie who died from AVAILS. She acquires many different pieces of his apparel that denotes him and makes it into a quilt. This poem shows a bond between nephew and aunt. Every family is different yet alike. Even though there are different gender, Class and race when if comes to family theirs a value followed.

Family ties are those things that make a family very proximate. A lack of family ties can make them not very proximate at all. A traditional family, for instance, may have family reunions every year to keep them close. Others may live very far apart and are not able to optically discern each other often. Having dinner at the grandparents’ house after church on Sunday, might be another tradition that families participate in to stay proximate to one another. Dolefully, some families never visually perceive one another at all. “

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