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Topics: Academic dishonesty Pages: 7 (2886 words) Published: November 5, 2014
All auditors plan, collect evidence, form assessments, and report conclusions. The most important aspects of auditing are risk assessment and internal control. This course provides a basis for developing judgement in ambiguous situations. Professional skepticism is important. The objectives of the course are To establish a basis in technical knowledge necessary for students to enter the auditing profession To provide the basic information for students to prepare for the public accounting examinations such as the AuCPA exam and ACCA exam. To increase students with audit capabilities and gain knowledge of enterprise risk and internal control To examine the audit process planning, performance, and communication No teaching class during the week of mid-term exam3Written Examination1012Reports on Audited Financial StatementsLecture Discussion with students participation118Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle3Lecture Discussion with students participation129Production Cycle3Lecture Discussion with students participation1311 Completing the Audit3Lecture Discussion with students participation14Group Presentation (Forms part of the assessment)3Students Group presentation15Group Presentation (Forms part of the assessment) / Revision3Students Group presentationFinal Examination33-hour examination with 15 minutes reading time IIAbuse of Academic Materials Intentionally or knowingly destroying, stealing, or making inaccessible academic resources including, but not limited, to instructors materials and library materials IIIPlagiarism and use of other students work submitted as your own Plagiarism is a serious crime. Work of other individuals should be indicated as such with proper notation. The use of other peoples (including other students) work submitted as your work is unethical. This includes students within the class students in other classes fraternity/sorority/ club files or any other individuals. The reading of your material by others for editorial purposes is permissible. IVAcademic Dishonesty Academic dishonesty, including all forms of cheating, falsification, and/or plagiarism, will not be tolerated in this course. Penalties for an act of academic dishonesty may range from receiving a failing grade for a particular assignment to receiving a failing grade for the entire course. If you are not sure about whether something you are doing would be considered academic dishonesty, consult with the course instructor. Auditing usually is performed in teams however if you are required to work on an individual project, please do so. BBest Approach to Study for this course This course is different from any accounting course you have taken. It requires understanding the concepts of the auditing framework. The course covers a good numbers of topics in Auditing and will take a lot of time and effort, both inside and outside the classroom. You are expected to attend each class and to complete all assigned work in a timely manner. An essential component to your successful completion of this class is to keep up with the material. Do not let yourself fall behind As you study the text material for the course, please note that you must understand the concepts of each chapter and be able to apply them. Before the chapter is discussed in class, make sure that you (1) review the chapters learning objectives (in the front of each chapter) and (2) review the chapter to become aware of the content and organization and (3) try as many review questions as you can. During class, participate and interact with me and class for any question raised. After the chapter is discussed in class, read the chapter, comparing your notes from the class session(s) to the chapter material. Practice applying the concepts presented in each chapter, by working both the review questions and discussion questions from each chapter. Also, if you are interested in doing a research in Auditing for your thesis, you should read as many related journal...
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