Attitude Towards Supernatural Beings

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Prof. Marshaley Baquiano Ph.D.
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Romero, Rama Lo
Tabanar, Bea Sharmaine
Caigoy, Denise
Baello, Mary Antonette
Placer, Elecca


There is a tough discussion on whether supernatural beings exist or not. Furthermore, it is difficult to consider the truth about these beings without solid evidences so we the researchers who are concerned of rich Filipino culture and traditional beliefs want to be enlightened about the existence of these supernatural creatures and explore the unexplained phenomena behind it. Supernatural beings are incorporeal or unreal beings believed to have powers to affect the course of human events.To measure the people’s beliefs of supernatural beings, this study came up with the research question which states that “Do Filipinos still believe in supernatural beings? Amidst today’s evident social media innovations, do people continue to believe that supernatural beings still exist and do they still encounter those evil entities and perform practices against it?

A total of six participants took part in our Focus Group Discussions. They were composed of college students in different year levels and different course programs of UPV. The Focus Group Discussion happened last August 23, 2013 at Barangay Sapa, Miag-ao and it started at 2:45 PM and ended at 3:44 PM. The moderator who facilitated in the discussion was Rama Lo Romero.

1.) For you, what is a “supernatural being”?
2.) Do you know any example of a supernatural being?
3.) Where did your ideas of these supernatural beings come from? 4.) Have you had any experiences or encounters of these beings? 5.) (If yes) –What was your experience?
How/ what did you feel when you had these/ this encounter/s? 6.) Do you believe that what you had experienced was real? Why? 7.) What do you think are the factors that influenced you to believe such things? 8.) Do you know other people who also had experiences with these beings? 9.) (If yes) What was their experience about?

10.) Do you also think that your family, friends and other people you know believe in these supernatural beings? Why? 11.) In general, do you think that most people believe in these supernatural beings? 12.) Based on present times, can you say that these supernatural beings are still existent even now in the modern age? Why?

Before the proper discussion, we made sure that participants were ready and felt comfortable and after which, we gave them informed consents informing them about the topic, purpose and procedures of the focus group discussion. The informed consent also included ethics and the assurance of the confidentiality of the study, asking for permission to record the whole session and the acknowledgement that they are free to back out from the discussion anytime they want. After they read and signed the consent forms, participants and the moderator introduced their selves to each other. The discussion started when the moderator began asking the first question until the last question. Before the discussion ended, the validation question was asked to know whether they believe in supernatural beings or not. Participants were then thanked and given tokens for participation.

Categories of Elements
Data| Elements| Categories| Classes|
On Supernatural Beings| |
* They are different from humans. * They are uncommon beings from another world or those that are not normal. * When heard, makes you feel uneasy * Invisible to almost all people * They are those who possess unusual powers. * Sounds creepy yet creates a feeling of interest.| Supernatural beings are uncommon creatures who take on bizarre forms.Supernatural beings have extraordinary abilities.They spike up one’s curiosity...
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