Attention To Detail

Topics: Theory of Forms Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: March 20, 2015
Attention to Detail
William Cody Buck
Paying attention to detail is a key part in today’s society not only in the Marine Corps or the military but in civilian life as well. No matter what career or MOS you are in you need to concentrate and focus on attention to detail. Without it one could miss a crucial part or step in the process and mess something up. It could be as small as a document that you can redo or as big as not getting a bolt right on a plane and destroy millions of dollars of equipment and get someone killed. There is a reason we are constantly told to pay attention and don’t get complicit.

In the military attention to detail is key and very important and should be a part of everything you do. An example of attention of detail would be to bring canteens and jerry cans to refill canteens but without checking to make sure there is water in them they are useless. Another would be safety rules on the range. You may know them but if you don’t pay attention you could forget to put your weapon back on safe after firing. Also if you forget to tighten a bolt to the right torque it could cause something to go wrong and destroy millions of dollars of equipment and get someone injured in the process or even killed.

In civilian life it is important to pay attention to detail for many reasons. If you work in an office or work with documents all day need to make sure each one is accurate and a filled out correctly. Making sure to use capitation where it is needed and using the right forms and formats. It should take time to fill forms out and make sure they are correct reading them over multiple times. If something is messed up with the forms it could cause issues later when the documents are needed.

No matter what you do in life attention to detail is key and should be implemented in everything you do. It could mean everything from as small as a form or as big as a plane. You are told to do something a specific way pay attention to every detail and...
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